10 ‘Clueless’ Outfits That Are Always Overlooked

Clueless has become synonymous with our love of 90s fashion. The 1995 cult classic is renowned for its seamless showcasing of the decades best fashion.

Since its release, Clueless has gained a dedicated fanbase– many of whom are keen to recreate the films most loved looks. The ‘clueless check’ is often referred to when discussing the bright yellow tartan ensemble Cher rocks at the beginning of the film. The red mini dress and the red check skirt with black beret are also worthy contenders for those hoping to nail the fun and playful fashion of the nineties.

I’ve seen clueless probably more times than most would like to admit, however, last time I watched I stumbled upon something new: a whole host of unappreciated outfits. I decided to put together what I think are the most overlooked and underrated outfits from our much-beloved nineties rom-com, for a little outside the box inspo.

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