5 Interesting Ways to Style Florals

I’ve always had a little bit of a love-hate relationship with florals, and even to this day, I can be super picky when it comes to colour and print. For a while, I’d be frustrated by the fact some floral prints I’d be drawn to whilst others I’d swear off completely. I didn’t know what was distinguishing these floral prints. As someone who definitely styles by the ‘different every day’ mantra’, it seemed strange that my floral preference could be so unpredictable.

One day, whilst doing the insta scroll, I noticed a few things about the floral-inspired outfits that resonated with me: these outfits were all styled with a little bit of an edge. What I mean by this is its rare a pretty floral dress and a petite strappy sandal is going to call out to me. I’ve always had slightly tom-boyish, grunge vibes left over from my teenagehood and thus I don’t feel 100% myself in the girliest of girly outfits. There are of course expectations, but most the time I reach for a classic converse or a chunky trainer to style with my mini skirt or maxi dress.

All the florals I was drawn to, either had unique, 70s/80s/90s inspired prints, or were bold colours. It can be hard finding the floral style that you feel suits you and thus I thought I’d share 5 ways I style florals that aren’t what you might traditionally associate with the summer-time print and will add a little more to your over-worn disty print summer dress.


I purchased this dress from Depop during the winter. Although I knew I wouldn’t be wearing it any time soon, I couldn’t resist the colour and print and knew I needed it for my summer wardrobe. I love the shape and cut; it’s super flattering with its long sleeves and sinched in waist. I’ve recently been styling it seventies style with a pair of chunky white PVC ankle boots and an oversized faux sheepskin coat. The coat is, of course, dependent on our temperamental British summer sunshine, but works well for a late evening out or to fend off the chilly sea breeze.


This dress was my mums in the 90s, and I nabbed it from her wardrobe many years ago. It’s a timeless floral slip dress, easy to locate on the high street, depop, or your local charity shop. I love picking out the darker tones and styling this up for a more grunge-inspired look. My go-to is a pair of tightly-woven fishnets, a chunky black belt, black and white converse, and either a denim jacket or faux fur coat.


I bought this playsuit for my eighteenth birthday, and besides being far too nostalgic to get rid of it, I still love styling it up in new ways. Currently, I love a chunky trainer for those more casual vibes, but can’t resist a chunky pink knit for over the shoulders.

Floral Flares44a607be-192b-4f7d-bf34-90a193b650c5

Another seventies inspired look is these floral flares. I found these on Depop and instantly knew I needed them in my wardrobe. I love styling them up for a night out with a bralette, or down with a jumper for a more casual day-to-day look. At the moment, my go-to has been this floral blouse. I’m not sure if double florals are seen as a fashion faux pas? Either way, I’m totally here for it and think the contrasting monochrome is a unique and fun way to play with a neutral palette.


Maxi skirts are something I’ve always found a little trickier to style. Last summer I saw a lot of gals styling their patterned maxi’s with chunky trainers and oversized tees. This mix of feminine and casual grunge is definitely on-trend and something I knew I had to try out for myself. Here,
I’ve paired my floral rose print maxi with a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt and a classic pair of black and white converse.

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