Where To Buy Fashionable Face Masks (Independent Brands)

There seems to be mixed emotions amongst us Brits regarding the prospect of  having to wear face masks to shops and public places come this Friday. Whether you’re for or against the idea, it’s one of the many things that we’re going to have to adapt to in our new reality.

In the aim of being sustainable (and stylish) I’ve put together a list of where you can purchase cute, reusable fabric face masks.

I am very keen to start matching and clashing these beauties with my outfits.

A list of sustainable, reusable face masks/coverings from independent brands/sellers:



It ain’t all sunshine

Lacklustre Embroidery

Foxx & Wallis

Lydia Cordey Designs

Needle and Wick


Eleanor Bowmer

Florence Bridge


Pinfold Creation

Mae & Skye  Co.



Hannah Cavas Design

Tula Be Face Masks Pack  donation to NHS  Cotton Face Masks  100% image 0

Stitch & Ink by AC

Little Sewing B Studio 

Coconut Lane

The Tillybob Bunny

Tonic Flair

Room Shop Vintage

Olivia Annabelle

Olivia Rubin

The Vintage Scene

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