Ten Trends To Try Before Summer Is Over

I feel like we’re hurtling through August. I never anticipated six months inside would make time feel so fleeting. As we poke our heads above water once more, the world looks very different from how we left it; people are wearing patterned fabric across their faces, hand sanitiser is all of our must-have beauty fave, and the idea of human-contact seems much more foreboding than it ever has.

One thing I’ve always loved about fashion is its promise of change. As someone prone to anxiety and overthinking, change can be fearful and intimidating. For the most part, fashion doesn’t facilitate these fears. Fashion promises change in an exciting way, an artistic and creative way; it shows how change isn’t always bad and is always necessary.

When the world locked down in March 2020, fashion took a back seat, and rightly so. Huge designers utilised their factories and staff to make PPE for those fighting on our front lines. For us at home, lounge wear became our style staple for over two seasons.

Now, in our last few weeks of summer, we can, at last, enjoy a semblance of normality. Whether, it’s heading to the beach, a picnic in the park, or even jetting off abroad, there are a few more lively occasions where sweatpants won’t suffice. I’ve put together a list of styles and trends that have snuck through in recent months, and are about to hit full bloom before the seasons over. Some of these I’ve tried, and a few I’m still keen to give a go. Many of them are simple to style and have been around in recent years, so no unnecessary purchases are needed. Equally, if you’re wanting to treat yourself, I don’t think there’s ever been a more appropriate time.

Tennis skirt
The tennis trend is as chic as sportswear can get. Whilst many headed to the park to play actual tennis when the lock down lifted, us fashion fiends decided to just get on board with the style.
Whether you’re going for the versatile tennis skirt, a chic sports dress, or just a visor to keep the sun rays at bay, the tennis trend is a fun and unique look that feels quintessentially British.

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Long shorts
Thigh-length shorts are a trend I’ve seen on the rise in recent weeks. A few years ago, booty shorts were the only trend-worthy style– the shorter and tighter the better. Long shorts provide a more casual and androgynous look, perfect for taking those few fragile steps back out into the summer sun. This trend is ideal for those that aren’t overly keen on showing a lot of flesh but want to wear summer-appropriate styles.

Tip: take an old pair of jeans and cut your shorts to the desired length– you can hem the bottom, or roll the ends up for a more rustic and casual finish.

Puff Sleeves
Big sleeves transitioned perfectly from winter to summer. The renaissance-inspired style adds a little more interest to our tops and dresses. Puffed sleeves can be super flattering on the body and come in a variety of shapes and materials, making them the perfect transitional trend.

Smock Dresses
The loose and relaxed style of a smock dress makes it the perfect piece for those of us readapting to regular living. Branded by some as ‘the ugly dress’, I’d argue the smock dress is far from it. A variety of colours and prints and its loose-fitting and comfortable shape make it the perfect carefree piece for the every girl.

Picnic Gingham
Much like the tennis trend, picnic styles have been trending as a result of our lockdown activities. When we couldn’t enjoy our grub at local eateries, we found resolution through picnics in the park. I’ve always loved gingham; I think its a timeless print and it suits summer aesthetics perfectly. Throw on a gingham dress, grab a picnic blanket to match, and eat your favourite snacks in the great outdoors.

Loose and Oversized Tailoring
Tailoring comes in all shapes, fits, and sizes. This season, loose tailoring and oversized fits are everywhere. Lockdown has made us comfort fiends, and now we’re taking even the most traditional styles and altering them to suit our new priorities. Loose tailoring is also a brilliant transitional piece; perfect for layering up in the autumn and winter.

The trend that resonates most with my personal style is brights. I’ll wear bright colours and prints for every and any season. If you’re not so into bright colours, summer can be the perfect opportunity to give them a go. Start small with accessories, or invest in one piece you can try multiple ways. This season’s trends embed a lot of pastels and earthy tones, which can be a less intimidating way to incorporate a bit of colour into your looks.

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Bucket Hat
Some people love it, some people loathe it, but there’s no denying the nineties bucket hat has made more of a comeback than the Spice Girls ever have. The bucket hat has been around for quite some time now, and it shows no signs of wavering. If you’re a fan of street and alternative styles, then the bucket hat is a great accessory to have on hand. I love accessorising with head wear; it adds a little bit more interest and attracts more attention in comparison to alternative accessories.

The epitome of lock down inspired outfits has to be loungewear. It doesn’t get comfier than a pair of cotton tracksuits and a hoodie to match. Loungewear used to be pretty bland and basic, but now there’s a multitude of different styles and colours available. For me, lounge wear hasn’t yet left the depths of the sofa, but I’m seeing countless people rocking the style on Insta and around my neighbourhood. I love the idea of a tracksuit material pair of shorts– there’s nothing worse than denim chaffing.

Cottage Core Aesthetic
Cottagecore is a new one on me, but when a friend brought it to my attention, I started seeing the countryside-inspired aesthetic everywhere. The trend romanticises getting back to nature with soft and gentle tones, an abundance of florals, and other nature-inspired outfits. I love this trend, the idea of connecting with nature is something that resonates with me, and is great to see in an industry where the natural and ethical is often overlooked and undervalued. The gingham and the smock dress fit perfectly into this trend, along with a whole host of other wholesome looks.

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If you’re looking to treat yourself:

Gingham Top/ Floral Bucket Hat/ Long Shorts/ Colourful Socks/ Tennis Skirt/ Green Sweater/ Green Gingham Dress/ Ganni Smock Dress/ Green Suit/ Loungewear dress

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Ten trends to try before summer is over. Keen to try the fashion trends and styles we missed over lockdown? Here are ten trends to get you started and how to style them before the warm weather season is over. Make the most out of ss2020 with these fun and creative outfits and trends. #styleblog #summertrends #cottagecore #softgirlaesthetic

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