How To Feel Confident In colour

Do you want to add more colour to your wardrobe? Are you shying away from loud and bold styles in favour of neutrals and blacks? Do you want to feel more confident in colour? Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you feel your best when adding a little more interest to your wardrobe.

Finding Your colour
Being confident in colour doesn’t mean you have to wear every colour in the rainbow. I started loving red. It resonated with the grunge/alternative vibes I loved before, and so it was an easy transitional colour to add to my wardrobe and style with my existing pieces. Find a colour that works for you and let yourself grow comfortable in it.

Utilise colourful accessories
In the spirit of not getting overwhelmed, and not feeling too far out of your comfort zone, utilise your accessories. Accessories are a great way to incorporate styles, colours, and prints you might not usually choose. Keep your outfit comfortable, and branch out with an accessory you’ve always loved the look of but have been too afraid to try for yourself.

I used to only wear black Converses. Eventually, I got a little bored with the basic black and white sneaker and wanted to try something a little different. I knew I loved and felt comfortable in the converse style, so I decided to get a pair in a different colour. I found a red pair on Depop and begun styling them with my usual outfits.

Choose something interchangeable
There is nothing worse than being out in an outfit or item that doesn’t feel right. Finding your personal style can often come down to trial and error. There will be days when your clothes don’t make you feel your best. Sometimes, these days can have nothing to do with what you’re wearing, but just where our head is. If you want to try styling something colourful, but you’re afraid of not feeling confident or feeling uncomfortable when out and about, pick something that can easily be changed. In summer, you can go for a light-weight jacket or cardigan that can be taken off and put in a bag. Or, in winter, a colourful knit you can easily stow away.

Do it on the cheap
Make sure your style experimentation comes at a small price for the planet and your wallet. There’s no point investing in expensive new garments unless its a piece you’re sure to like and get lots of wear out of. If you want to play around with fashion and style, but you’re worried about the environmental, ethical, and economic impact, buy second-hand pieces, borrow from friends, or have a scout around your existing wardrobe.

I’ve written several pieces about where you can source clothing that has a positive impact. If you’re looking for tips, advice, or reassurance, check out the posts listed below.

I do always stress that sustainable clothing is a privilege, and you should never feel guilty about buying something or treating yourself to something– life is tough, and we’re only human! (there’s a few links to products below mentioned in the post for ease and accessibility, you can always look for these pieces second hand too).

Read more about sustainable shopping and style:

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Know your worth
It’s important to know that your worth doesn’t equate to what you wear. Fashion and style can be an incredible creative outlet, but it doesn’t define you. Have fun with fashion, play around and experiment. Don’t take what you wear too seriously and don’t feel like you have to stick to one style or one aesthetic. Wear what you want, and the confidence will come with it.

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