How To Upgrade Your Neutral Outfits

Fall is a fashion season. It’s a time when quieter speakers louder, and basic is better.

In our post on Fall fashion trends to try this season, I wrote about how Fall’s rekindling with nature has inspired an attitude of simplicity in style for my fall wardrobe. Contradictory to this, my personal style is far from simple, and the prospect of a more natural, neutral look can feel a little daunting to my loud and proud wardrobe.

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If you’re like me and keen to feel calm, classy, and chic in a neutral outfit, but you’re used to something a bit busier, here are five simple ways to upgrade your neutral outfits and add a little more interest to your Autumnal inspired looks.

Wear Patterns and Prints

Patterns and prints are one of the easiest ways to add interest to an outfit– all the work is done for you!

How to style: Use a print or pattern you’re already comfortable with. I’m wearing gingham; a print I feel confident and comfortable in. Pairing this with a colour palette I’m less confident with has helped ease me into neutral styling.

Add A Pop Of Colour

Adding a pop of colour to a neutral look is a fall-proof way of adding a little more excitement to your outfit. This can be something as little as a pair of socks or hair accessory, or something more prominent like a handbag. The mixing of neutrals and brights is a fun way to transition your style through the seasons.

How To Style: As I’m an absolute colour fiend, I’ve gone for a pink sock and a turquoise bag to compliment my neutral-toned dress. These colours not only complement each other but work together to help the whole outfit stand out.

Layer Up

One of the many wonderful things about Fall is the increase in opportunity for layering. Layering is an easy and simple way to add more textures and dimensions to an outfit. Pairing together your well-loved garms can help you discover a whole new look.

How To Style: Try layering your favourite neutral summer dress with a jumper or long-sleeved tee underneath for the perfect back to school inspired outfit.

Add Seasonal Trends

Add one of this seasons statement trends like a big collar or chunky oxfords to make your outfit more trendy. By adding these unique details to your neutral looks, your outfit is sure to stand out amongst the sea of beige.

Read more about this season’s must-have trends here.

Compliment With Jewellery

Jewellery is a timeless way to dress up or compliment your casual-looking outfits. Whether you want something statement that’s going to stand out against, or something more dainty that will compliment alongside; jewellery is a great way to add more interest and make your outfit look well put together and complete.

Where to buy: There are so many great places to buy jewellery from. If you love the look of vintage and old fashioned jewellery, check out your local charity shops and eBay. If you prefer a more modern look, numerous gals and guys are running independent jewellery businesses through platforms like Instagram. These pieces are all handmade, so you’ll be getting something one of a kind and unique. One of my favourites all-time favourites is Chunky Resin.

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