10 Self-Care Rituals To Try This Fall

As I stare out my window, the rain rapping down, and my precarious garden fence putting up a futile fight against the wind, it’s evident we’re now deep into the thralls of Fall and Winter. Summer to Autumn always feels like the years most dramatic seasonal change; one minute we’re sunning ourselves on Brighton beach, and the next, we’re wrapped up in blankets and dressing gowns inside our homes, wondering when it’s acceptable to put the heating on. 

For many of us, this seasonal transition spurs on a lifestyle change. We tend to spend more time inside, many of us returning to the grind of work and study, and our social interactions tend to take a back seat. This isn’t an entirely negative thing. This time can provide a pause; a time of reflection and relaxation. It can be an opportunity to put yourself first and ensure the weather isn’t having too profound an effect on your mood and mental health.

Fall is my favourite aesthetic season; I love the autumnal decor, drinks, and activities. There’s an immersive characteristic about the season that only Fall has. We’ve put together a little list of ten self-care rituals to try out this season, to encourage you to step back, slow down, and recuperate.

Make The Most Of Fresh Seasonal Produce

Autumn is the season of the most vibrant and enticing fresh produce. Bring colour to your kitchen with squashes, pumpkins, peppers, cabbages, courgettes, and more. You can roast these up for a bright and hearty veggie plater, blitz them into warming soups, or as accompaniments to your favourite cold-weather roast.
Helpful hack: Reduce waste this spooky season by carving out your winter squashes as Halloween decorations and use the inside flesh for delicious fireside meals. Read more about this and other waste-reducing hacks for Halloween here.

Grab A Hot Drink

The pumpkin spiced latte has become synonymous with autumn. The Fall-inspired beverage is an official sign the season has begun. Autumn is the perfect coffee shop season– head to your local coffee shop, and warm your frosted fingertips on a mug of your favourite chai flavoured beverage. Take this opportunity to chat with a friend, or spend some time solo, blissfully appreciating the beauty in the simplicity of your local coffee shop.

Decorate With Autumnal Interiors

Autumn is the ideal season for hibernation. Autumnal aesthetics scream cosy and warm; squirrel away in your indoor spaces and make them a safe and homely environment. Bring the outside in with rustic and earthy tones, layer up your bedding for optimum warmth and comfort, and maybe even hang a few spooky Halloween decorations around the house. Enjoying the space you occupy has a profound impact on your health and well being.

Have A Hot Relaxing Bath

There’s very little that’s more relaxing than a hot bubble bath. Fill the tub with hot water, add your favourite lotions and potions, and leave the world behind. If you’ve got a steady hand, thumb your way through your favourite paperback. If that seems a little too precarious, a well-distanced podcast or playlist is equally as good.

Get Lost In Spooky Books/Movies

There’s no better season to curl up on the sofa and immerse yourself in a good book or film. Whether you’re a lover of horror or you like something a little softer, take some time out to transport yourself to another place through the powers of entertainment. Check out our list of spooky stories to read this season here

Update Your Skin Care Routine

Changes in the weather don’t only take their toll on our mental wellbeing, but also our physical health and appearance. As the weather changes, so do the needs of our skin. The cold and harsher weather can dry out and roughen our skin. Pay attention to how your skin is reacting to the season and make changes to your skincare routine accordingly. 

Light A Fall Candle

Fall scents are distinctive; they stand apart from all other seasons. Fall is a sensory season, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in this than by bringing the rich and aromatic smells of autumn into your home. Line your mantlepiece with pungent pumpkin, place your favourite sickly sweet salted caramel candle on the coffee table as you enjoy some chocolatey treats, or find the perfect chai scent to sit with fire-side. 

Cook Warm And Hearty Meals

Taking the time to fuel your body with warm and hearty meals can help both your physical and mental health. If you can, spend time attending to the dishes you’re cooking, get excited about nurturing your body with natural goodness and appreciate the wonders of seasonal produce. Fall is the season for soups, stews, and other warm and rich dishes.

Go For A Long Walk

It might be cold outside, but an autumnal walk can do wonders for the mind. Whether you’re trailing through beds of crispy leaves or fighting through the brisk sea air, an autumnal walk is a perfect opportunity to get lost in nature, clear the mind and feel refreshed. Plus, you get to warm up at home and enjoy a hot drink or warm meal after!

Get Lost In Layers And Textures

Autumn is the season of layering. Whether it’s your body or your home, autumn is the time to get lost in layers of different fabrics, prints and textures. Add another element to your bedding, or pair a cute long sleeve tee under your summer t-shirts. There’s something quintessentially cosy about getting lost in layers.

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