6 Slow Fashion Brands To Support This Season

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, we’re seeing retail stores stocking their rails with festive fast-fashion garments- many of which will only be worn once a year, if that.

2020 has been a mammoth of a year. The economic, mental, and physical drain it has had on all of our lives has infiltrated every aspect of our modern-day society. That’s why, this season, I urge you to give back to the people that care. Support the small businesses who work tirelessly to provide a great product and outstanding customer service.

I encourage you to look at the bigger picture; be aware of the ethical impact your consumer habits are having, and shop slower and more consciously in a season known for mass consumption.

Whether it’s your December party dress, a spooky Halloween look, or a present for someone special, here are five slow fashion brands to support this season.

Limpet Store//Fuschia Shaw//Molby The Label//Grey Milk//Roop

Saturday by Megan Ellaby

Founded by fashion icon and born and bred Mancunian, Saturday by Megan Ellaby is a loud and proud slow fashion brand. Established in 2018, Ellaby and co’s range of T-shirts, tops, and jumpers continuously make a statement with their bright colours and quirky prints. Saturday’s ultra-versatile pieces are all made from sustainable materials, in ethically accredited factories. Invest in a Saturday garment to layer up in the cold weather, or grab a one of a kind item from the fashion lover in your life.

Read more about Saturday’s sustainable policies here and shop their gorgeous garments here.

Fuschia Shaw

Fuchsia Shaw is a London based, contemporary women’s streetwear brand. Created with the principle of high-quality, long-lasting craftsmanship, Fuchsia Shaw creates unique, fashion-forward and versatile garments. The majority of Fuchsia Shaw’s pieces are neutral-toned, in a range of cuts and shapes, meaning they are easy to style and wearable in numerous ways. Being a small brand means they work on small runs, reducing unnecessary waste and ensuring each item is of the highest quality so can be worn for years to come.

Discover more about Fuschia Shaw here

Limpet Store

The Limpet store brings the art of illustration to life. Since launching in 2017, The Limpet store has grown into a fun and playful, sustainable clothing brand. Specialising in bright coloured garments with unique illustrations means each Limpet item takes on a life of its own. Being a small brand and working closely with their suppliers means Limpet can minimise waste and ensure ethical working practices take place throughout their manufacturing process.

Find Limpet Store here


Based in Manchester England, Roop is a luxury boutique specialising in handmade bags and accessories. Constructed with the utmost love and care, each of Roops uniquely made items is one of a kind.  Roop incorporate artistry in its many forms, and partner with a talented artist for every new collection they release. Their distinctive shapes and fun, quirky prints mean you can spot a Roop bag from a mile away.

Discover more about Roop’s one of a kind accessories here

Grey Milk

Grey Milk is another Mancunian independent brand. The brand practises slow fashion through their made to order service. This method ensures no unnecessary waste, and you get to buy the perfect piece for you. Grey Milk pair elegant and feminine prints with pastel tones and playful cuts and shapes for the ultimate chic, but stand-out, pieces. Their items might take a little longer to arrive, but you’re getting a one of a kind piece, made especially for you and constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Explore Grey Milk’s fun fashion and perfect pieces here

Molby The Label

Molby combines ethical manufacturing processes with timeless, long-lasting pieces. Their traditional patterns and shapes mean your Molby item will never go out of style. Based in Wirral, UK, each Molby garment is handmade from independently sources fabrics and completely customisable. Like many slow fashion brands, Molby is most passionate about producing the perfect item for you, and so they only release new styles and designs seasonally throughout the year.

Find your perfect timeless piece from Molby The Label here

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