Boody Underwear: Sustainable Product Review

I first discovered Boody whilst researching sustainable Activewear. Since then, they’ve always stuck in my mind as an affordable alternative to fast-fashion’s mass-produced activewear and underwear.

A few weeks ago, the Aussie based sustainability brand was offering free worldwide shipping. I decided to invest in some much-needed new underwear and see if Boody’s products live up to their high quality promise and sustainable ethos.


As disclosed, I brought my Boody items over a weekend when the brand was offering free shipping. Usually, Boody ship at £4.95 per order under £44, and for free on orders over £44. They state that all orders will arrive in 2-3 business days. My order arrived in 3 business days– especially impressive considering this weekend’s promotion would have likely lead to an increase in sales.


Compared to other sustainable brands, Boody’s products are fairly priced, with their items ranging from £5- £52. Their sustainable underwear costs between £10 and £20.


Boody provides an easy to understand size guide, which is inclusive of their global consumer. Their basic XS-XL sizing lacks diversity and can make it hard to find your perfect fit. I based my size off of the UK size comparison guide, which was mostly successful, if not for preferring to try a larger bra size. I would recommend taking the time to measure yourself in centimetres and consult the guide for your perfect fit– especially as the brand charges for returns.


The quality of the product is impossible to fault. The soft bamboo material is light-weight and barely noticeable on the skin. The white pieces I chose are elegant and simple; perfect for everyday wear.

I’m excited to see how my Boody products last over time, and will definitely be investing in their Eco-friendly items again.

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