Gifts To Give The Fashion Lover In Your Life

We all want to gift our loved ones present they’ll love and use. For the fashion fanatics in our lives, this can sometimes be hard to achieve. The subjectivity of fashion and style can mean giving a fashion-related gift can be met with hesitation and trepidation. To help you give the perfect gift to the style queens in your life, we’ve come up with a few gift-giving ideas all fashionistas are destined to adore.

Get them a gift card for an independent brand

As the United Kingdom goes back into another lockdown, it’s more important than ever to support independent brands and businesses. Rather than bulk buying your gifts from Amazon, use the extra time you might have in the next few weeks to research and reach out to smaller, independent brands that will need your support during these trying times. By doing this, you’ll be gifting your loved one something unique and one of a kind, made with care and built to last.

Read about six slow fashion brands you can support this season here

Offer to buy them an outfit for a special occasion (e.g. graduation)

Tie your gift to a memorable occasion and buy them an outfit for an event. If you know they have a graduation, a wedding, or another formal event coming up (all Covid dependent now, of course), offer to buy them this special garment. This way, you can ensure your gift will be used and loved by the receiver.

Buy them something made to order

Encapsulating the two previous points, by buying something made to order you are gifting a one of a kind item and supporting slow fashion brands. Why not offer to get their graduation dress custom made by an independent designer? This way, the outfit will be a perfect fit, it’ll look exactly as they desire, and it will be reminiscent of a meaningful time in their life.

Coffee table book of their favourite designers

Coffee table books have been an increasingly popular interior design trend. A stack of coffee table books can liven up a living space and bring a bit of interest and intellect to your coffee table. Fashion houses have been curating coffee table books full of historical photography and memorabilia for you to learn from and admire.

A Luxury Piece They’ve Been Lusting Over

Investing in a high-priced fashion item can feel like an unjustifiable purchase. However, designer goods aren’t all about labels and high price points. Owning a luxury piece often has a sentimental value behind it. Designer goods are usually always of superior quality and exhibit outstanding craftsmanship. Giving the gift of luxury means giving a gift many wouldn’t give themselves and can show them how worthy they are, and how meaningful you view your relationship with them.

Winter Accessories

Gift them something practical in the form of a winter accessory. Give the gift of comfort and style, and help them wrap up warm this winter. Why not get them a timeless black knit, scarf, hat, and gloves set? Or, if they’re tastes are a little more eccentric, seek out a unique beret or bright scarf from a local or independent brand.

Sentimental Jewellery

Jewellery can be a difficult gift to get right, but if you know the person well, there’s nothing like receiving a special piece of jewellery. Whether it’s a stand-out statement piece, or something delicate and dainty, jewellery is a necessary finishing touch to any outfit. A piece of jewellery can be one of the most personal and sentimental gifts, representing the love and commitment between you and the receiver.

A wardrobe staple they resent buying

Socks have somehow gained a reputation as being a subpar gift. I personally believe socks are one of the greatest gifts to receive, even more so when they’re fun and creative. It’s more important than ever to give gifts people are going to use. Many of us have a selection of wardrobe staples we resent buying. Giving these items as a gift might not be the most exciting gift, but it’s one the receiver will likely be extremely thankful for and certain to use.

A one of a kind vintage item

My fascination with all things historical means I have a strong affinity for vintage fashion. Not only is buying pre-owned clothes one of the best environmental decisions we can make, but vintage fashion is rich in the culture and meaning fast-fashion is void of. Giving a vintage garment or accessory is gifting someone with a story, it’s a historical relic that symbolises a different time and place. Vintage items are high-quality pieces that have proven to stand the test of time and make a statement whilst doing so.

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