How To Style A Sweater Vest In 2020

Sweater Vests are this year’s stellar styling piece. The unexpected trend is reminiscent of the early 2000s preppy aesthetic, as well as the nineteen nineties grandad chic inspired styles. This knitwear trend is a style that many of us wouldn’t have seen coming, and one many are hesitant or uncertain on how to style. If you’re keen to try out this trend for yourself, check out some simple ways to style the sweater vest according to your personal style and what’s already in your wardrobe.

Animal Print

Starting off loud and proud with a dreamy Saturday by Megan Ellaby high neck top. This is an outfit I find myself continuously reaching for. The matching colour palette means it’s easy to style, whilst still giving a dramatic and eye-catching effect. I’m a sucker for anything pink and red, as well as a life-long lover of animal print, so this is a look I feel very at home in.

Animal print has become a staple in many of our wardrobes. If your wardrobe is brimming with jungle-inspired prints, layer them with a colour blocked or neutral sweater vest for a fun and on-trend outfit.


The style aesthetic that resonates most with the sweater vest is the preppy look. Before we saw them plastered across our insta feeds and styled by our favourite trendy influencers, the sweater vest was synonymous with grandad chic.

Throw it back to a time when this trend wasn’t quite as trendy and add a little bit of intellect to your outfit. I’ve paired an a-line gingham skirt I discovered at a local charity shop with a white jumper and my pink sweater vest for an almost work appropriate outfit.

Knitwear on Knitwear

The cold weather is coming in fast, as us Brits heat up our homes and hibernate under ountains of blanket, it can be hard to stay warm as well as stylish when you have to leave the house. This year knitwear is a huge style staple. We’re seeing knit in tops, bottoms, and even bra’s. As well as being super stylish, knitwear does wonders at keeping you warm.

I’ve opted for a layered up knitwear look, pairing my sweater vest with my cardigan in a bid to stay as warm as possible whilst loving my look.

1980s Inspired

Make the most out of different textures and shapes whilst your wrap up warm this winter. Opting for an eighties inspired ensemble, I’ve paired my geometric patterned sweater vest with a pair of blue relaxed dungarees, and a faux sheepskin coat. To complete the outfit I’ve opted for a nineties inspired bucket hat, tying it in with the jacket via the faux shearling material.

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