Is The Estrid Razor Worth The Hype?: Sustainable Product Review

Estrid is the most aesthetically pleasing razor to hit the market (and our insta feeds). The highly influencer-indorsed Scandinavian razor company were kind enough to send me one of their dreamy coloured razor kits to try out. Available in a range of colours: blush, cloud, space, peach, and lemonade, the Estid razor comes in the perfect shade for you and your bathroom.

Estrid market themselves as a female-empowering, vegan razor that uses natural products such as aloe vera and shea butter in place of animal-derived substances commonly found in commercial razors. Each of their razors comes with its own holder, has a five-blade head for a close and smooth finish, and is sold through a budget-friendly subscription service. Taking feminine solidarity to the next level, Estrid ensures their do-good attitude materialises, which is why the brand donates a portion of every purchase to Kvinna till Kvinna, Medica Mondiale, or the Fawcett Society– a Swedish women’s rights foundation that fights for equality across the globe.

Their subscription service is completely customisable, tailoring your products to your shaving needs. First, you pick out your handle in whichever colour calls out to you. You’ll receive a starter kit with two cartridges and a matching wall mount. Then, let Estrid know how often you need your blades: every month, every second month, or every three months. There are no strings attached, which means you can cancel or pause your subscription whenever it suits you and your body.

Estrid’s dreamy aesthetic and incredible use of influencer marketing meant I was seeing their products online all the time, and I was extremely keen to give them a go for myself. There’s no use in a razor that looks pretty if it doesn’t do the job well. Luckily, Estrid makes shaving easy, and dare I say it? Enjoyable. Their stainless steel casing means they’re sturdy and feel like a substantial piece of kit. The use of aloe vera and shea butter means the razor head glides over skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft without any itchy and unwanted lumps and bumps. In comparison to other razors, Estrid sets itself apart in style, substance, and price. For just £7.95 you can begin your Estrid journey and say goodbye to your single-use plastic razors and the irritable skin that so often accompanies them.

I truly believe Estrid has established the future of female shaving in a way that’s kind to skin, better for our environment, and empowering af. 

Learn more about Estrid here

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*I was sent this product for review, however, all opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. Sophie Samantha

    I love Estrid! I think they’re a great brand and I love what they stand for. My only issue- and it’s not one that would make me stop my subscription- is that I cannot get the holder to stay put on my shower wall for very long! I thought maybe it was my shower tiles but my best friend has the same issue! I’ve never seen anyone complain about this before so I’m wondering if its just us.


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