JasmineIsabella.org is an extension of my Instagram, @jasmineisabellas. After a year documenting and sharing my personal style over on Instagram, I decided to build a platform where I could combine my love of fashion with my passion for writing.

Jasmine Isabella is a personal style and lifestyle blog. Combining my love of fashion and my strive to be sustainable, my posts centre around my journey towards slow living and sustainable styling.

I’m currently studying English on the south coast and thus am an avid reader and lifelong bookworm. I often write reviews of my recent reads, or curated lists of my best book recommendations.

You can also find me here trying to Instagram, or here for a slightly more personal piece.

Or email me at jasmineisabellablog@gmail.com 🙂

Posts marked with a * contain affiliate links. If you choose to buy through one of these links we will receive a small commission from the product which comes at no extra cost to you. Jasmine Isabella believes in slow and sustainable living, therefore we only recommend products we truly love and feel passionate about!